President´s Word

Hello Alumni!!!

How are all you lovely people doing? I hope and wish everybody is doing fantastic. I stand before you as the President of the Alumni Association of JIETians (AAJ) and extend a warm welcome to you as a friend and fellow Alumni.

Alumni’ is one of the many titles that you bare and it is also a title that lends definition to your life in certain respects. The word itself is derived from the Latin verb alere, "to nourish," and literally means "nourished ones." There are many ways that you can think about yourself and reflect upon the nourishing experiences you had while learning this meaningful title

In a large sense, the education that you received shaped how you engage, interpret and act in the world around you. The life experiences that you underwent during your under-graduate careers contributed greatly to the development of your character spurned you onto a greater level of independence and ultimately prepared you to deal with life’s twists and turns. The relationships that you developed throughout this process will forever be united by this bond of change that marks such an important period in your lives. Seriously, there is nothing like the feeling of belongingness. I would invite each one of you to register on the alumni via the registration page and invite fellow alumni to do the same.

As an association we have some Basic Goals to achieve and those are impossible without your involvement:

  • Connection:
    To help you stay connected with your fellow graduates, as well as others who have walked this stage before and after you. We plan to keep friendships alive by organizing various events and gatherings for the alumni.
  • Implement Charter of AAJ:
    We would plan to strengthen the already formed alumni chapters and form proper working committees in the respective chapters along with the central governing body.
  • Student benefits schemes:
    We plan to give scholarships to meritorious but economically weaker students every year.
  • Training and placement of the students:
    We shall keep on revising our basic goals from time to time.

The association embraces your continued support…your selfless commitment to volunteerism, your willingness to not stand on the sideline, but to come forward, get involved and make a difference. I encourage each of you to stay connected and give back to the institution that has provided us with so many life and career options.

In closing, it is indeed my pleasure to serve as your president and I hope you will join me in giving back to your alma mater.

Remember... We are JIETians and we are awesome!!!

Er. Rohit Mehta
President- AAJ